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I is home.

Sort of.

At the parents.

Will be uploading pics...... Eventually.

Really, I have my camera and cable sitting here with every intention of at least transfering them to my memory stick.

If it gets to that point, though, is yet to be seen.
Penumbra of genius

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I wanna know what it means if I find a link for tracking U2's plane and click that link pretty much just as the plane touches down in Vancouver.

I mean, I'd really, really, really like to know.
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Drawback to facebook:
It's easier for unsavories to find you, that you try and not deal with in real life as it is. "Don't make eye-contact! Don't make eye-contact!"

/Creepy bar people
Penumbra of genius

The countdown is on.

Trying to formulate a game plan here.

Had a dream that had a seemingly important number in it, and I may or may not have found it IRL.

Vancouver peeps, the time is nigh.
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Penumbra of genius

Life is random, yes?

So, went to the bar last night to celebrate my debit card for my new bank finally arriving.

Sang three songs. (Wild Honey, Last Night on Earth, and Please)

After I sang Please, a guy came over, said I had a fantastic voice, and that he was interested in me singing back-up on an album he's going to record around the holidays.